Rather than writing a normal "bio" I wanted to write directly to you, the wonderful person who stumbled on my website.

Dear Friend,

I want to welcome you into my journey as a songwriter/artist. I'm just a regular guy from Minnesota who loves writing songs about the things that are important to me.

I've always dreamed about making music that connects and resonates with people. It started for me as a kid in church, and moved into all the phases of my life jamming out to my favorite bands; Relient K, Ascend the Hill, The Beatles, Sufjan Stevens, just to name a few.

My dream continues to develop and change over time, but a huge part of my dream now is connection.

That's why on my home page I invited you to sign up get emails from me.

There was a time not long ago where over a million streams online would have satisfied my ego, but I realize now that the connection with people, and a community is what really means something.

So while you're here, please consider diving in, and PLEASE reach out to me. I want to connect with you.

It truly means the world to me!